In & Out Car Wash has been washing Charleston’s cars since 1960. Locally owned and operated for more than 50 years, we’ve washed over 6 million cars! We are a full-service car wash, offering everything from a quick and thorough clean to the most professional detail job you’ve ever seen.



One of our greatest assets is the experience we bring to the job of washing cars. As of 2013, our employees have a combined total of more than 400 years of experience. Let us introduce you to our honest, dedicated and knowledgeable staff — and please don’t forget to say “Hi” the next time you come by!

Perry Capers | 56 years of experience
Nina | 48 years of experience
Carlos B. | 47 years of experience
Greg M.| 41 years of experience
Glenda M.| 36 years of experience
Sandy E. | 32 years of experience

David C. | 31 years of experience
Stanley N. | 30 years of experience
Alphonso H. | 29 years of experience
Darryl | 28 years of experience
Gary M. | 23 years of experience
Angelica | 11 years of experience

Viviana| 11 years of experience
Hector | 10 years of experience
Harrison | 10 years of experience
David S. | 9 years of experience
Gena | 8 years of experience
Quadrie | 5 years of experience



eco-friendly car wash charleston scAt In & Out Car Wash Charleston, we are committed to protecting our environment and limiting our impact on it. Not only do we use eco-friendly washing products and employ sustainable practices throughout our entire business, but professional car washing itself is the most environmentally friendly way to keep your car clean.

Did you know that with home car washing:

  • You use between 100 and 175 gallons of water?
  • All the soap, road grime, oils and other pollutants go down the storm drains and contaminate the water supply?

At In & Out Car Wash:

  • We recycle over 90% of our waste was and use less than 20 gallons of fresh water to wash you car.
  • We use EnviroEdge earth-friendly vehicle wash products wherever possible.


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