Q: Does it really help a car’s value to keep its finish looking new?

A: Yes! Appearance is the first thing people look for in a new car. Used car managers agree, if a car’s finish turns buyers off, it’s virtually impossible to get a good price. Proper care of your car’s finish will definitely pay off at trade-in time.

Q: I wash my car at home using a garden hose. Lately the finish looks dull and marked. What could be wrong?

A: Washing you car at home is extremely harmful to the finish. Most hoses just can’t put out the pressure to remove the sand and dirt particles that get caught in your sponge and mitt. Tests conducted by the University of Texas proved that a single home hand wash could leave scratches in the finish as deep as 1/10th the total paint thickness. The Mercedes-Benz company in Munich, Germany conducted a test in which a group of cars were hand washed and another group were cleaned in a professional car wash a total of 25 times. The professional equipment produced a noticeably brighter finish. In fact, the hand-washed cars needed compounding and polishing to restore their original shine.

Q: Is it true that my new car shouldn’t be washed or waxed for a certain period of time?

A: This may have been true a long time ago, but with new acrylics and enamels, your car needs tender care immediately. Most new cars are treated with a a clear-coat finish, so it’s important that you exercise extreme care when washing. It’s best to trust your car to a professional from the beginning.

Q: How often should I have my car washed?

A: If your car is exposed to corrosive materials like salt, sand and industrial fall-out, it should be washed every 7–10 days. The same goes for vehicles in areas of high humidity. Moisture attracts contaminants that can destroy your car’s finish. Insect residue, tree sap and bird droppings should be washed off as soon as possible. They form acids that immediately begin to eat away at the car’s finish. Regular vacuuming of your automobile’s carpeting prevents grit from penetrating to the roots of the carpet. This grit can sever the fibers and greatly reduce the life of your carpeting.

Q: Lately, my windshield becomes smeared when I run my wipers. What am I doing wrong?

A: Perhaps you haven’t changed your wiper blades recently. Most manufacturers recommend changing your blades about every three months.

Q: Why does my car seem to ride better after I’ve had it washed? Is it just in my mind?

A: Not at all. Dirt and grime collect in the areas around your car’s wheels. The concentrated spray at car washes loosens and removes this grime and helps prevent rust in the wheel wells by removing corrosives. In addition, a properly washed and waxed car has less wind resistance, resulting in a smoother ride and better fuel economy.


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