The Dream Clean Team

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Wow! I’m afraid the stifling, muggy, just plain hot dog days of summer have arrived right on schedule. But we all love Charleston anyway!

About this time every year I feel a renewed sense of appreciation for the men and women who show up at In & Out every day. They know how hot it’s going to be, climbing in and out of cars, working on hot pavements, hustling to deliver a clean car in a timely manner, and doing it all (mostly) with a smile on their face and a pleasant attitude. I know I couldn’t do it!

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On the really hot days we bring in water, Gatorade, bananas (for extra potassium) and plenty of ice. Most of our staff have been with In & Out for a very long time. I guess we have learned over our 54 years that we need to look out for one another and just get through it.

Our customers are great too. Many have gotten to know our staff and always check to make sure they are doing OK. A few really tender-hearted people actually apologize for requesting a car wash on such a hot day. It’s REALLY all right. We all want you to come in.

On this day of 90 degrees plus, I just wanted to express my respect, admiration and appreciation to the fantastic crew at In & Out Car Wash.

Sandra Ellett
President of In & Out