How Important is Car Wax?

Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Car Care Tips | No Comments

car waxBecause of its ability to make your vehicle ultra shiny it’s easy to dismiss wax as a purely aesthetic / non-essential component of your car care routine. But you’d be wrong. Wax has many important benefits that go beyond the gloss…

Wax provides protection from environmental damage

Manufacturers apply a clear top coat over the paintwork of your car to protect it from environmental damage. Over time this layer begins to break down, making your car vulnerable to scratches, fading and rust. Wax works like a protective sealant, forming an essential barrier that prevents wear and tear and keeps your car looking good and running smoothly.

Wax makes your car easier to clean

By creating a barrier between your paintwork and dirt, wax makes it easier to remove things like splattered bugs, mud and pollen.

Wax covers minor scratches

The sealing and buffing effects of wax make it a great trick for covering pre-existing scratches and scrapes.



We recommend getting your car waxed at least 2-4 times a year, ideally after a thorough wash and dry.  Our Classic wash includes a polish and sealer wax and costs just $21.99.