How to Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

Posted by on Jul 27, 2016 in Car Care Tips | No Comments

shiny carRemember when your car was brand new and the paint was so glossy you could see your reflection in it? Maintaining that ultra shiny top coat isn’t just essential for aesthetic purposes (although that is a huge bonus if you decide to sell it down the line), it also helps prevent oxidative damage which could disrupt your vehicle’s functionality if left unchecked.

Here are four environmental stressors to watch out for…

1. Tree Sap

Parking under a tree is a great way to prevent overheating, but it does put your car directly in the line of fire when it comes to sap. This sticky substance is sometimes clear and difficult to spot, but if left for a couple of days it can cause unsightly stains.

2. Sunshine

Sunshine has an affect on your car’s paint job, just like it has an affect on your skin. UV rays can cause oxidization and premature fading, so keep it covered when possible.

3. Bird droppings and insects

Acidic bird droppings and kamikaze insects (like love bugs) on the hood of your car don’t just look icky, they can corrode your paint work if not washed off quickly.

4. Salt water

If you live near the beach or take regular trips during the summer months be aware of saline ocean spray and gritty sand. Both can lead to rust if not removed regularly.

The solution…

A thorough sudsy clean and a protective coating of wax will keep your car gleaming. Even models that have a ‘clear coat’ need these essential maintenance measures, so come visit In & Out where our pro team will give your paint a diamond-like sheen in no time at all.