How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Posted by on Aug 14, 2016 in Car Care Tips | No Comments

how-often-car-washHow diligent are you when it comes to washing your car? Do you take it in for a proper clean and wax every week without fail, or wait until the dirt becomes too dire to ignore? The truth is, the amount of time your car can go without a wash depends on a number of factors:


1. Your location

The area you live in is full of unique environmental elements that can take a toll on your car’s paintwork. Pollution, salty ocean air, beach sand, insects, bird droppings, and harsh sunlight, to name a few. We recommend a weekly wash if your car comes into contact with any of these things regularly.

2. The season

The weather dictates the environmental stressors you’ll need to combat. Through spring, when sticky pollen is an issue, and summer, when salty air and sand abound, frequent washes are essential. But in the fall and winter you can afford to be a little more relaxed.

3. Your parking options

Cars parked on the street will need washing far more frequently than those that are safely locked up in a garage every night, especially if they’re under trees that might drip sap or drop leaves.

4. How often you drive

If you use your car every day it’s more likely to be exposed to exhaust fumes, bird droppings, mud spatters and other elements which will increase the need for a thorough clean.

Regular washes do more than keep your car showroom-shiny. They also prevent the erosion of your paint work, which ensures your vehicle maintains its value for longer. Visit our team of trusted cleaning experts for an efficient top-to-bottom, inside-out clean.